EG Golf Driving Range

EG Golf Driving Range

A simple, functional range to hit some balls when it’s too hot to play 9 or 18 holes in Angeles City, Philippines. I like going here after sundown since it’s 90+ degrees and humid here everyday lately.

Didi’s Pizza

Didi’s Pizza

Love going to places where I’m the only foreigner and it’s only locals. Didi’s Pizza is this type of place. Filipino style pizza at it’s best and some pretty killer BBQ ribs.

Hand Drip Coffee Na

Hand Drip Coffee Na

I’m not into the trendy, chain coffee shops. They’re overcrowded and seriously: it’s a business, not your office. These places are out of control, not to mention the overpriced drinks.

What happened to the small, independent places? They’re harder and harder to find in the U.S. but in the Philippines there’s still room for entrepreneurs to open up their own coffee houses without having to worry too much about a chain store opening up right down the street.

One place that I love to go is Coffee Na which is within walking distance of where I live in Angeles City. It’s close, it’s not Starbucks and they brew up great coffee beverages. I can actually go there anytime of the day or night and be assured of finding a quiet spot to hang out while enjoying a tasty beverage.

These types of places beat the mall by a mile and are a much better experience.

Grand Central Suites on Walking Street

Grand Central Suites on Walking Street

Grand Central Suites is the name of the newly renovated Orange Lion hotel. The new owners have spent the past year and a half adding a 3rd floor and completely remodeling each of the 20 rooms. I was pleasantly surprised at the prices and quality of the rooms when I took a tour. I would highly recommend checking in to this hotel rather than some of the more well known names in town. Grand Central Suites is setting a high standard for hotel accommodations in Angeles City and their location right in the center of Walking Street with rooms that have balconies looking down on the infamous streets is unique.

Pizza in the Philippines

Pizza in the Philippines

The pizza situation in the Philippines and Asia in general is pretty weak. It’s definitely one of the things I miss about living in the USA. If you want an American style pizza in Asia you pretty much have to hit one of the US chains like Pizza Hut, Shakey’s or Papa John’s. 

These places are about the only choice for that familiar pizza experience. That is until you find out about S&R which is the Philippines version of Sam’s Club and Costco. It’s a total copy cat store down to just about everything including the delicious pizza. Now if only they would open up an S&R branch in Angeles City or start a delivery service! For now I’ll just make the trip to neighboring San Fernando and order a pizza or 2 and freeze the leftovers which reheat fantastically in a toaster oven.